Trail Use Policy

Please observe the following rules while enjoying the NLT:

    1. Please sign in. IT IS FOR YOUR SAFETY and our information. Keeping an accurate record of the number and origins of our visitors aids us in fundraising monies that the trust needs to continue to provide the community with this blessed haven.
    2. Use the buddy system. Your safety is our primary concern. Bring a friend to help spread the consciousness.
    3. Be courteous to other users. Avoid loud noise and offensive behavior.
    4. No unauthorized motor vehicles allowed. No Mountain Biking.
    5. No hunting or trapping.
    6. Pack it in, pack it out. If you must bring food and/or beverage into the NLT, kindly take the waste and remains with you back out. There are no garbage receptacles onsite to avoid attracting wildlife. Food waste should not be disposed of in the woodstove, firepits, or privy. Bag it with your garbage and dispose of it properly at home. Do not leave sur­plus food for others. No glass.
    7. Dogs must be leashed. No person shall leave a pet unattended or fail to maintain complete control over the pet. Remove all pet waste from trail and common areas. No horses.
    8. Outhouse – There are two toilet facilities on the property. Both are composting privies, one located at Luke’s Lodge and one at the Clubhouse. Please follow the directions posted to ensure sanitary and ecologically friendly use.
    9. Large groups – If you are part of a large group (more than six people) please notify us for special considerations. Large groups may do unintentional damage based solely on their size even when not intended. Special scheduling may be required to avoid flooding the land trust with people on popular dates and occasions. Interpretive programs and guided tours are available by request.
    10. Observe the Leave No Trace principles. No Unauthorized trail-building.
    11. Avoid post-holing – the trail by wearing the proper footwear (skis or snowshoes) during Winter. Snowshoers should make separate tracks to the side of the ski tracks whenever possible.
    12. Camping and Night-visitation – Please contact us if you are interested in camping or evening use.